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P.I.E. Launch-Local Press Release-8/27/10

August 31, 2010

Contact: Mary Schlueter – President/CEO – (513) 378-8370

Sandra Guile – Communications Director – (513) 284-3114

Press Release

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New Non-Profit Launches National Website

Group encourages conversation about education, offers innovative ideas

Cincinnati, Ohio –  Fri. Aug. 27, 2010:  Seeking ways to innovate the country’s education system, a group of local ‘edu-preneurs’ are launching a nationwide web site, Thurs. Sept. 2.

Partnership for Innovation in Education, or P.I.E., based in Cincinnati, is identifying individuals, or ‘edu-preneurs’, who leverage their business knowledge and expertise to create dynamic educational opportunities positively impacting wide stakeholder communities.  Using compelling profiles of innovation practiced by educators, business executives, nonprofit leaders and government representatives, featured P.I.E. commentators discuss strategies for developing accelerated achievement, career readiness, critical thinking, financial literacy, economic development and tax revenue savings.

“The purpose of P.I.E. is to generate excitement and buzz about how people are using education and innovation to provide a competitive, value-added opportunity for students. These days it’s difficult to talk about the quality of education as the current system continues to suffer financial, technology and employment challenges. So, we thought why not offer a way for people to share ideas on how to significantly improve the situation.  There is never the perfect, one-size-fits-all solution for schools stuck in academic and financial hardship.  However, we believe P.I.E offers practical knowledge pathways, with the reader able to choose his or her own direction,” said Mary Welsh Schlueter, founder and CEO of P.I.E.

The website features blogs, daily national news feeds on educational innovation, and video of the profiled commentator, when available. Users are invited to share ideas and solutions as it relates to their regional area. P.I.E also will serve as a consultant to groups interested in finding best practice innovation-based solutions.  In the near future, P.I.E wishes to become the national aggregator of educational innovation information, with satellite offices offering regional updates.

“We are excited about this new endeavor and very passionate about injecting innovation, creativity and dynamism into the education system,” Schlueter said. “We provide smart talk about education because educational rigor and success determines the opportunities we offer our nation’s children and ourselves.  With an educational sector operating both effectively and inclusively, we guarantee our relevance in the competitive economic marketplace.”

P.I.E. is a registered non-profit organization and is planning future fundraising events and activities. More information about P.I.E. is available on the website,, or contacting Mary Welsh Schlueter, (513) 378-8370.

EMBARGOED Until Thurs. Sept. 2


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