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“As an educator, this program allowed us to develop a connection between the classroom and how the scientific process works in the ‘real world’,” notes  Kate Clarisey, sixth grade science educator. “Typically, STEM concepts can be abstract and tougher to teach, but with this program, the kids were active learners and do-ers.”

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The global economy is changing. The Partnership for Innovation in Education (PIE) provides a new education model producing career-ready students while providing educators with skills typically reserved for the university professor.
PIE introduces “hands on” learning methods allowing students take the role of decision makers. They learn to identify, analyze and provide solutions to real world challenges — all within a school classroom.

PIE = STEM Career Success:

  • PIE programs heighten technology literacy by 75 percent among students and educators.
  • PIE programs feature higher rates of academic engagement, especially among girls and minorities.
  • 100 percent of PIE programs meet or exceed State Learning Standards.
  • PIE Programs introduce 1:1 “hands on” learning in new technology and career partnerships.
  • Twenty-five percent of PIE programs introduce art and music into STEM curriculum.
  • PIE programs are the first kindergarten through 12th grade programs partnering with university, business and community leaders using a graduate school curriculum.
  • PIE programs drive attendance two percent higher in participating schools.
  • All PIE programs offer new revenue streams for School Districts.

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  • Mayor Mark Mallory and Cincinnati City Council issued a formal proclamation praising PIE
  • Chief Executive Mary Welsh Schlueter received National Diversity Council Leadership Excellence Award
  • Venue and LEAD Magazines’ Civic Leadership Award
  • Duke Energy Foundation and Cincinnati Museum Center Difference Maker Award
  • Chamber of Commerce Women Excel (WE) Program – Finalist, Businesses We Watch